Nova DSLR concept

The Nova DSLR Camera takes different forms with the mobility of the camera arms, giving comfort to left-handed and right-handed users. In addition, the buttons are located at the fingertips allowing users to simultaneously take pictures and easily locate the features they need. Whether the Nova is used with one or two handles, the flexibility of the camera’s form gives users a greater versatility in image capturing along with an enjoyable experience while using the Nova camera.

Conceptul a fost creat de Erin Fong dar nu cred ca va fi adoptat chiar daca arata uber-geeky-star-trekky. Cele doua manere care se pot roti, posibilitatea de a fi folosita camera de dreptaci si stangaci, formatul care imita o camera cu pelicula de 8mm poate sa fie util pentru cei care folosesc foarte mult functia de filmare dintr-un aparat foto digital… si asa mai departe, vor face pe multi sa saliveze.

Fiabilitatea conceptului cred eu ca va fi problema: manerele mobile pot fi calcaiul lui ahile, partile mobile in general sunt mult mai sensibile…

Nice! Cat timp va trece pana cand vom gasi asa ceva in magazine?

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